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This is a small first-floor apartment in a well-established apartment complex containing a range of leisure facilities and a supermarket for residents. A truly peaceful location in a picturesque village. Garage available by arrangement with the...

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If you want to know what your listening band score would be for each full test that you do, keep a note of your raw score for each section, then put your total score into the IELTS Band Score Calculator. Online IELTS Listening Test One In this free...

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Hopefully, you will find this post useful. Historically, the two canals had been joined near the town of Falkirk by a sequence of 11 locks — enclosed sections of canal in which the water level could be raised or lowered- that stepped down across a distance of 1. This has been dismantled in ,.. Apparently, there is no such information in the text. According to paragraph 3, many ideas were submitted for the project but the writer does not show whether anyone opposed the plan that was approved. So the statement and the information in the text have the same meaning.

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But, we do not find any information which confirms that it was the only boat with such unique feature. Keywords for this question: weight, varies, size of boat The answer can be found in paragraph 5 lines These gondolas always weigh the same, whether or not they are carrying boats. Here, historically important means ancient. So, we can understand form here that the construction of the Wheel is influenced by the presence of an ancient monument. So, the answer is: TRUE Questions Labeling diagram [In this type of question, candidates will be asked to work on a picture and fill in some gaps in the given points or labels. There is a condition to write the answers with no more than one, two or three words. An interesting point about this type of question is that the answers for these questions are generally found around one or two paragraphs.

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The picture or diagram can become useful because it may help a lot to find critical information. Now, here we find some matches with keywords. We find some matches with keywords here. So it means that the hydraulic motors drive, or control the axle by rotating it. Two eight-metre-wide cogs orbit a fixed inner cog of the same width connected by two smaller cogs….. So, the word in the blank is cogs. Also, here under means beneath. Keywords for this question: raise, reach The final paragraph begins with a special information. So, here it means that the locks actually lifts or raises boat. So, the answer is: locks.

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Historically, the two canals had been joined near the town of Falkirk by a sequence of 11 locks - enclosed sections of canal in which the water level could be raised or lowered - that stepped down across a distance of 1. This had been dismantled in , thereby breaking the link. The eventual winner was a plan for the huge rotating steel boat lift which was to become The Falkirk Wheel.

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The unique shape of the structure is claimed to have been inspired by various sources, both manmade and natural, most notably a Celtic double- headed axe, but also the vast turning propeller of a ship, the ribcage of a whale or the spine of a fish. The various parts of The Falkirk Wheel were all constructed and assembled, like one giant toy building set, at Butterley Engineering's Steelworks in Derbyshire, some km from Falkirk. A team there carefully assembled the 1, tonnes of steel, painstakingly fitting the pieces together to an accuracy of just 10 mm to ensure a perfect final fit.

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In the summer of , the structure was then dismantled and transported on 35 lorries to Falkirk, before all being bolted back together again on the ground, and finally lifted into position in five large sections by crane. The Wheel would need to withstand immense and constantly changing stresses as it rotated, so to make the structure more robust, the steel sections were bolted rather than welded together. Over 45, bolt holes were matched with their bolts, and each bolt was hand-tightened. The Wheel consists of two sets of opposing axe-shaped arms, attached about 25 metres apart to a fixed central spine. Two diametrically opposed water-filled 'gondolas,' each with a capacity of , litres, are fitted between the ends of the arms. These gondolas always weigh the same, whether or not they are carrying boats.


This is because, according to Archimedes' principle of displacement, floating objects displace their own weight in water. So when a boat enters a gondola, the amount of water leaving the gondola weighs exactly the same as the boat. It takes just 1. Two hydraulic steel gates are raised, so as to seal the gondola off from the water in the canal basin. The water between the gates is then pumped out. A hydraulic clamp, which prevents the arms of the Wheel moving while the gondola is docked, is removed, allowing the Wheel to turn. In the central machine room an array of ten hydraulic motors then begins to rotate the central axle. As the wheel rotates, the gondolas are kept in the upright position by a simple gearing system. Two eight-metre-wide cogs orbit a fixed inner cog of the same width, connected by two smaller cogs travelling in the opposite direction to the outer cogs - so ensuring that the gondolas always remain level.

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When the gondola reaches the top, the boat passes straight onto the aqueduct situated 24 metres above the canal basin. The remaining 11 metres of lift needed to reach the Union Canal is achieved by means of a pair of locks. The Wheel could not be constructed to elevate boats over the full metre difference between the two canals, owing to the presence of the historically important Antonine Wall, which was built by the Romans in the second century AD. Boats travel under this wall via a tunnel, then through the locks, and finally on to the Union Canal.

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To attain the best benefits from this post, you need to have a copy of Cambridge IELTS Series 11 and workout according to the instructions given in this post. Hopefully, this post will help you to explain the confusing questions and answers. Rather, you should answer all the other questions first. For this passage, first answer question 4- After finishing with these questions, come to question And just like List of Headings, only read the first two lines or last two lines of the expected paragraph initially.


If you find the answers, you need not read the middle part. Keywords will be a useful matter here. Keywords for this question: geo-engineering, earlier natural phenomenon Here, the question asks us to find whether a geo-engineering project had been modelled on any natural phenomenon. For decades, May Day parades in Moscow have taken place under clear blue skies, aircraft having deposited dry ice, silver iodide and cement powder to disperse cloud. So, the answer is: B a common definition of geo-engineering Keywords for this question: common, definition Generally, a definition of anything can be found in the first few paragraphs.

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So, we need to look carefully in Paragraph A. Finding keywords quickly can help here a lot. So, we have to scan from here. His scheme would employ up to 16 trillion minute spacecraft, each weighing about one gram, to form a transparent, sunlight-refracting sunshade in an orbit 1. This could, argues Angel, reduce the amount of light reaching the Earth by two per cent. Keywords for this question: change, direction, to bring, more cold water, ice-forming areas For this question, the keyword is ice-forming areas. To successfully answer these questions, you need to follow some simple steps: Step 1: Read the questions carefully and select the keywords, Step 2: Read the list of people, Step 3: Start reading from the beginning and quickly look for the names of people with any statement.

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Step 4: When you find a names with statements, read it attentively and match it with the questions. Step 5: Mark it properly so that you need not read it again. Then go to the next statement in the text. Step 6: Continue doing the same for the rest of the questions. The effects of geo-engineering may not be long-lasting. | Page 19 of 66 | Cambridge IELTS Answers

Multiple Choice Questions Task: Choose the correct answer to a question or the correct ending to a sentence from usually 3 or 4 possible options. Skills: understanding information in the passage Tips: paraphrase the information in the question and options locate the precise information in the passage answers come in order Click to practice a multiple choice question s 7. List Selection Task: Choose the correct option from a list of words, information or names.

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This differs from multiple choice because the questions all relate to only one long list of possible answers. Skills: understanding information in the passage identifying ideas relating to others Tips: read through the list and prepare paraphrases read through the questions and identify key words locate the information in the passage answers come in order answers are usually letters A-G — read the instructions carefully to check 8. Classification Questions Task: Decide which category the information belongs to from a list. Skills: locating information in the passage categorising information find information in the passage decide which category the information belongs to look out for paraphrases Matching Sentence Endings Task: Completing sentences by matching the start of the sentence with the correct ending given in a list.


Skills: locating information in the passage understanding information read through the sentences and then read through the possible endings prepare paraphrases find information in the passage choose the best ending to match the information in the passage the completed sentence must be grammatically correct sentence beginnings follow the order of information the passage answers are usually letters A-G — read instructions carefully to check there are usually more endings given than you need Click to practice matching sentence endings to improve your reading skills.

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Answers do not always come in order. Table Completion Task: Completing the table using the correct word from the passage. Skills: locating specific information in the passage choosing appropriate words.

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The part 1 questions for speaking test 1 tie in well with an earlier food lesson. Aim for 2 or 3 sentences approx. Maybe you also like all sorts of food? Who normally does the cooking in your home? Hint: Think about who usually does the cooking in your household? Is it one of your family members? Do you live alone and cook for yourself? My father is a chef — he trained in France and makes the most delicious food. Do you watch cookery programmes on TV? Hint: Yes? Talk about the types of show you watch. Is it with a famous chef presenting? Is it a show with regular members of the public? Did you used to watch these show? Do you watch something else on the internet instead? I like to watch cookery shows — my favourite ones are when the presenters travel to other countries and learn about the food from that country. I particularly like shows with celebrity chefs — Jamie Oliver for example — as his style is very relaxed and he takes real joy in food. In general, do you prefer eating out or eating at home?

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Hint: Is there one you like more than the other? Eating at home might be cheaper, and is more relaxed. As I said before, I love to cook but I also really enjoy trying new restaurants and revisiting my favourites too. For me, eating is very much a social activity and I enjoy catching up with friends over a leisurely meal.

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One form of vertical farming involves planting in…which are not fixed. Based on the question and particularly the key words, we need to find the information about a type of vertical farming and where it is planted. No information about recent changes in population predicting methods is given. Human beings are responsible for some of the destruction to food-producing land. It means that human action is the cause of the damage to agricultural land.

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