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He only had 1 dollar and 87 cents which was insufficient. Due to having less money, Della could not afford a gift for Jim. Answers: The gift of the Magi was an offering to the Lord. It was given out of love and affection. The writer points out that...

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She hurls herself on the couch and cries. Della collects herself, and looks out the window, pondering the situation. Apparently she has an idea, and turns to the pier-glass. She lets down her hair — her prize possession — and looks at it...

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How is the electric bell at Jim and Della's apartment described? When was "The Gift of the Magi" first published? How is Della's physical stature described by the narrator? How is the looking-glass described in Della and Jim's home? Short Essay Questions 1. What adaptations have been developed of "The Gift of the Magi"? What are the financial circumstances of the Youngs? Describe the character of Madame Sofronie in the story. What imagery does the author present with her introduction? Describe the setting of the Youngs' apartment. What is one example of Biblical reference or allusion in the story and why is it used? How does the author use symbolism to develop the theme of wealth and poverty in "The Gift of the Magi"?

The gift of the magi Summary and questions and answers (2021 Exam)

Describe the character of Della in "The Gift of the Magi. What does "allegory" mean and how does this term apply to "The Gift of the Magi"? How does the historical context of "The Gift of the Magi" influence the story? This section contains words approx.

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Christmas Eve, early 20th-century in a town or city. Narrator and Point of View Third-person omniscient point of view mostly following Della. Tone and Mood Humorous and sardonic; sentimental; romantic; cynical and rueful. Protagonist and Antagonist Protagonists: Della and Jim. Antagonist: poverty, and their own best intentions. Major Conflict Della and Jim lack the money to purchase the special, lavish Christmas gifts they desperately want to give each other. Climax The story reaches its climax when Della opens Jim's present to discover expensive combs. Foreshadowing Understatement The narrator's comment that Della and Jim's life " Imagery Jim and Della's cheaply-furnished apartment—equipped with a "shabby little couch," a broken doorbell and mailbox, and a worn rug—signifies the couple's constrained socioeconomic status 8.

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Moreover, the image of Jim's "very thin and very serious appearance" and old overcoat connotates the burdens he faces as a young head of a household. This paradox highlights Della and Jim's irrational commitment to giving each other gifts they cannot afford, while also praising the love and admiration that motivate them to do so. In other words, Della and Jim are simultaneously poor and rich—poor in material success and sensible actions, but rich in love. Parallelism Della and Jim's narrative arcs parallel one another, as they each make great sacrifices to purchase lavish gifts for the other—which prove unusable for the other person.

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The parallelism of their sacrifices embodies their profound love for each other, while also cementing the reciprocity and equilibrium of their relationship. Metonymy and Synecdoche.

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It depicts an interesting episode in the life of Jim and Della — a loving couple living happily together. Both of them have their unusual treasures that fill them with special pride. Della has beautiful and long hair. Jim has a rare gold watch inherited from his family. The couple has only a limited income from which they cannot save enough money to give costly Christmas gifts to each other.

"The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry

But they do love each other very much and intend to give a surprise gift that would fill each one with great joy. Della sells her hair to gift Jim a beautiful chain for his rare gold watch. She does not, however, give any indication of this to Jim and keeps it as a secret in order to give him a great surprise. Jim, on his side, sells his watch in order to buy a jewelled comb set as a Christmas gift for Della. He also keeps this secret from Della. Both of them thus, ironically part with their precious possessions to learn when it is already too late, that their sacrifices have gone in vain.

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Notwithstanding the futility of their gifts, the story brings forth their deep love for each other and the spirit of sacrifice that impels them to please each other. Although their gifts were of no use to them in the situation they had created, they were the wisest lovers and their gifts in the purity of their love could be compared to those of the wise men of the Bible who came to see Christ at his birth. The story opens with Della counting her hard-earned savings. She has saved one dollar and eighty-seven cents.

The Gift of the Magi

She could save that amount by bulldozing the grocer, the vegetable man and the butcher. She counted the money three times to ensure herself about the amount of money. The amount was not enough to buy a gift for Jim on the occasion of Christmas. She sat on her bed and reflected that life was made up of sniffles and smiles where sniffles dominate. It was a humble abode. There was a letter box into which no letter would go. Nobody could make bell from the electric button meant for this purpose. The letter on the nameplate had become blurred. Whenever Jim came home he was treated warmly and affectionately by his wife Della. Della wept and after cleaning her wet cheeks, she estimated that the expense had been greater than she had calculated. She was saving for months and wished to gift Jim something nice on Christmas. She stood before the pier glass and had a look before it. Something occurred to her mind that made her eyes shine brilliantly but at the same time her face lost its colour.

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Quickly, she pulled her hair down and let it fall to its full length. She tried to make it nervously, felt sad and a tear or two fell down on the worn red carpet. She, then, put on her old brown jacket and hat. With brilliance in her eyes, Della quickly went down the stairs to the street and stopped before a hair saloon. Della sold her precious possession and after two hours, she was keenly looking for some suitable Christmas gift for Jim. At last she found a worthy gift for him. After ransacking several stores. The chain was simple but chaste in design and its merit lay in its substance. She compared Jim to chain and found them equal in quietness and value. Then she returned home and showed prudence and reason. She had a careful glance of her reflection in the mirror and critically analysed it.

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She looked quite young. Jim was always on time. Della kept the chain in her hand and sat beside the entrance. He was only twenty-two but looked burdened by the family. He had no gloves and needed a new overcoat. His eyes were fixed on Della which she could not read. She found no anger, surprise, disapproval, fear in those eyes which she had been prepared for. She went to Jim and told that she had sold her hair to purchase a nice gift for him. Jim could not digest the fact easily and asked Della why she sold it. Della in return, asked Jim affectionately whether he liked her just as she was.

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Jim did not answer but looked curiously for the hair. Della stated that it went for him and, with a sweetness, said that nobody could guess how much she loves him. Jim hugged Della. After a while he threw a package upon the table and said that nothing can make his love for her less. He explained that haircut does not matter for him and added that if Della unwraps the package she will learn why he got surprised at first. Della, opened the package and gave a cry of joy but quickly filled with tears and cries. She found the set of combs which she craved for. They were beautiful. Tortoise-shell with jeweled rims and fit to be worn in the beautiful vanished hair. She brought the gift out on her palm and presented it to Jim. She said that it would match his wrist watch and asked for the watch. He told Della that he had sold the watch to buy her combs. They started the custom of giving presents.

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The writer calls Jim and Della fools because they most unwisely sacrificet heir greatest treasures. But he calls them the wisest also because it was their love for each other which made them sacrifice their precious possessions. They were truly the Magi. Short-Answer Questions Question 1. Why does Della count her money again and again? What was her state of mind?

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Della counted her money again and again because she wanted to make it sure that the amount was large enough for the Christmas gift she wanted to give to Jim. It shows her anxiety and disappointment at not having been able to save enough money for the intended Christmas gift for her husband. She tried her best to save sufficient amount of money but could not do so. Question 2. How had Della saved that amount? She had been saving every penny she could for months. She saved it by pressurizing the grocer, the vegetable man and the butcher into selling their things a little cheaper.


She was excessively careful in using her money and completely avoided wastefulness. Notwithstanding her prudent way of spending money, she could not save enough money to buy a Christmas gift for her husband. Question 3. The letterbox, the electric bell and the nameplate were in poor condition so much so that their purpose for which they were meant was not solved.

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No letter would not go into the letterbox. The button of the electric bell was out of order. Question 4. There were two precious possessions in which they both took a mighty pride. However, they parted with their precious possessions in order to please each other on Christmas by presenting gifts. Question 5. Her sacrifice shows her deep love and care for her husband. Although the gift proved to be useless for Jim yet it was invaluable and full of warm affection. Question 6. What criteria did Della apply to select a gift for Jim? She wanted a simple but rare design which she found in a platinum fob chain.

The Gift Of The Magi Test Answers

It suited the gold watch in value and not merely in its decorative character. Question 7. How did Della get ready to receive Jim? She showed prudence and reason in welcoming Jim. She wanted to look as beautiful as she had been with her precious hair. She covered her head with small, close-lying curls that made her look beautiful. However, she was a little anxious about her looks and the response of her husband, Jim. Question 8. Why was Della afraid, as she waited for Jim?

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There were no skyscrapers yet, and South Street was still an important commercial district rather than the tourist attraction it would become by the end of the century. He is known for his wit, wordplay, and twist endings. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Wells 4 them,"--he picked one out of his elbow as he spoke--"free. The Gift of the Magi Summary.

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For what, or for whom, would you sacrifice it? Jim had to comfort his sobbing wife. Study Guide. Why do you think the story compares Jim and Della to the Magi? What are instances of irony in the short story? Think of some of the reasons this possession is important to you. Magi Vocabulary KEY. Allusion Practice. There is a print and go copy in the packet, but it also has an … Della bought Jim a watch fob.

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The Magic Shop by H. We hope our study guide is particularly useful for teachers and students to study irony and appreciate O. Henry's clever literary devices. Get help with your The Gift of the Magi homework. Why It Was Ironic B. The final test has 20 multiple-choice common-core aligned questions. Della yearned for a particular set of tortoise-shell hair combs. RL 10 Read and comprehend stories. He produced another from the back of his neck, and laid it beside its predecessor on the counter. In , New York was still a shipping city, bustling and packed. Henry, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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In the box next to each event below, write notes explaining why that event was ironic. Which is the better gift, the comb or the pocket watch? Modern ceramics are high technology ceramics that were invented during the past. Henry O. Henry , who was born William Sydney Porter, was an American author who wrote hundreds of short stories. Before You Read. Access the answers to hundreds of The Gift of the Magi questions that are explained in a way that's easy for you to understand. This Study Guide consists of approximately 37 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Gift of the Magi. Henry's short story, The Gift of the Magi offers a memorable ironic twist. Previous Next. The Magi gave their most valuable possessions to Jesus, who was a sacrificial gift himself. One dollar and eighty-seven cents. Access thousands of high-quality, free K articles, and create online assignments with them for your students.

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Inference practice. Henry about Jim and Della, an impoverished young couple who make sacrifices in … They were wise people and their gifts were also wise. With that chain on his watch Jim might be properly anxious about the time in any company. The Gift of the Magi by: O. Study Guide, Chapter 2 1. This study guide for The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry contains a glossary of key terms used in the title. That was all. Both the characters in this story and the biblical Magi gave their most precious belongings for the benefit of somebody else. The true value of a gift lies in the sacrifice involved in it. Start studying The cask of amontillado and gift of the magi study guide; English s1. Grand as the watch was, he sometimes looked at it on the sly on account of the old leather strap that he used in place of a chain. The author uses situational irony to emphasize the unexpected outcome of the story.

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Jim smiled and told Della that the presents were just too nice to use at the present time. As can be expected, Jim was quite shocked when he saw that Della had cut her hair. Jim affirmed his love to Della by telling her "I don't think there's And sixty cents of it was in pennies'. Della counted the change three times just to make sure that she didn't have more than the little amount she had. The Magi wanted to celebrate Christmas by presenting gifts. This exchange of gifts on the holy occasions makes life most lovable. They were wise people and their gifts were also wise.

"The Gift of the Magi"

Therefore, those who exchange gifts are wise like the Magi. They were deeply attached to each other in the story. They had great love and respect for each other. They were so poor that they could not buy gifts to celebrate Christmas. At last, they decided to sell their beautiful valuable things to earn money to buy gifts for each other. Why did they sell their beautiful valuable things? They were in a helpless condition. Quiz RL. Though their gifts were humble yet they seemed to contain all the wealth into them.

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Describe the story in your own words. Della and Jim had great love for each other. Della sold her beautiful hair to buy gold watch chain for Jim while Jim sold his valuable watch to buy combs for Della. They sacrificed for each other and won hearts of each other. What is the moral of the story? It also teaches the moral lesson that the spirit of sacrifice for one another creates feelings of respect and affection. It is the greatest virtue to sacrifice for others. Henry : The Gift Of The Magi Quiz When the children know how many beans there are, they can learn to count beans by counting the number of spore in the bottle.

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This worksheet can also be used as a game with the kids to figure out how many spores are in the bottle. First, they have to know how many spores are in the bottle. The second part is the actual making of the bean. Each way is as follows: Make a spore and put it in the bottle. Then, pour the liquid out of the bottle and add water. As the children make the first method, they should watch for the growth of the spore. When the spore has grown, they should turn it upside down to see what it looks like. The second process involves the use of chemicals. The Gift Of The Magi There is a small amount of sodium hydroxide that should be added to the liquid when it is ready. When the sodium hydroxide hits the spore, it will activate the spores. Then, the sprout of the spore will grow and turn into a bean. The third process involves testing. After the liquid is fully mixed, all the contents should be tested.

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It may take some time to test all the liquids, but the children will eventually see how many different ways there are to make a bean from a spore. Then, they should add a little bit of water to the bottle so the spore will stay inside the bottle. All of these methods will help the children develop their basic skills of counting.

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Because the children will be able to learn to count, they will also be able to count the number of spore in the bottle. The Gift of the Magi Worksheet can be used as a fun and entertaining way to teach children to count, and children will also learn how to count beans through this worksheet.

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