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The idea that all human pleasures are susceptible to pain, or do inevitably lead to pain, is a disturbing thought. Keats comments on the miserable power of melancholy, especially how it thrives on what is beatiful and desirable and turns it into its...

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Considering that Keats sees the lurking of evil behind everything good, is there also hope behind what is miserable? John Rosenblatt 3. When comparing "Ode on a Grecian Urn" [ text of poem ] to "Ode on Melancholy", both poems appear to be different...

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Gloam meaning twilight, line 41 , sedge a marsh plant resembling coarse grass, line 47 , and so on. In lines , "I saw. Is Keats' knight experiencing linguistic evolution firsthand in this encounter with "La Belle Dame sans Merci"? Is this a poem of progress, or of nostalgia? Geoffrey Litwack 6. Keats seems to believe that melancholy is in fact necessary and must be experienced in an atmosphere conducive to happiness in order to be truly felt: Nor let the beetle, nor the death-moth be Your mournful Psyche, nor the downy owl A partner in your sorrow's mysteries; For shade to shade will come too drowsily, And drown the wakeful anguish of the soul. Melancholy may be useful to Keats as a poet, but is it a fundamental part of being human, or would we function better if we were happier more often? Megan Lynch 7. Keats, perhaps the most alluring poet we've read as of yet, cradles his reader in a world of erotic mysticism balanced with reflection of painful reality.

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Obviously, the people engraved to the vase are immobile, lifeless. Yet, as Keats circles around the vase and observes the engravings, he sees a story unfolding and things in motion. He superimposes not only intense emotions, associated with each character and ambiance, but time. Can we argue then that the current observer of the vase will always experience such flow of events every time he looks at it? Can the following passage be an evidence of Keats' fascination with the contrariety of permanence? Therefore, ye soft pipes, play on Who are these coming to the sacrifice?

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To what green altar, O mysterious priest, Lead'st thou that heifer lowing at the skies And all her silken flanks with garlands drest? This is not to say that Keats is not acknowledging the rigidity of art. What then can be said about the timelessness of art such as this and its purpose? Hyun Kim The poem's title which is also its first line is a leading clause that is not concluded until the poem's final three lines, and even at that point the central issue does not feel truly resolved. What is Keats' purpose in establishing an opening clause that he only answers with despair? Does Keats intend for his poem's depressing ending to stand as the only conclusion for those who have fears that they may cease to be? Benjamin McAvay In "Ode on a Grecian Urn," Keats explores the incessant mystery of the past. Left with souvenirs of past moments, conversations, individuals, etc.


Shelley, too, in Mont Blanc, addresses sound and the meanings and implications of silence. The past will always be loud because it is mysterious and sealed off: "And, little town, thy streets for evermore Will silent be; and not a soul to tell Why thou art desolate, can e'er return Thou, silent form, dost tease us out of thought As doth eternity: Cold Pastoral! What is the intrigue of silence? A silent Grecian urn provides a myriad of possibilities and thoughts for Keats — would it be so interesting if its past could be explained? Maura McKee.


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The Romantic Poets One of the most evocative eras in the history of poetry must surely be that of the Romantic Movement. The strength of their works lies undoubtedly in the power of their imagination. Indeed, imagination was the most critical attribute of the Romantic poets. Each poet had the ability to portray remarkable images and visions, although differing to a certain degree in their intensity and presentation. Nature, mythology and emotion were of great importance and were used to explore the feelings of the poet himself. The lives of the poets often overlapped and tragedy was typical in most of them. Byron was born in London in The family moved to Aberdeen soon after, where Byron was brought up until he inherited the family seat of Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire from his great uncle.

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He graduated from Cambridge University in and left England the following year to embark on a tour of the Mediterranean. During this tour, he developed a passion for Greece which would later lead to his death in He left for Switzerland in where he was introduced to Shelley. Shelley was bom to a wealthy family in He was educated at Eton and then went on to Oxford. Shelley was not happy in England, where his colourful lifestyle and unorthodox beliefs made him unpopular with the establishment In he left for Italy, where he was reunited with Byron. However, the friendship was tragically brought to an end in July , when Shelley was drowned in a boating accident off the Italian coast. Historically, Shelley and Byron are considered to have been the most outspoken and radical of the Romantic poets. By contrast, Wordsworth appears to have been of a pleasant and acceptable personality, even receiving the status of Poet Laureate in He was born in in Cockermouth, Cumbria.

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By the time he entered his early teens, both his parents had died. As he grew older, Wordsworth developed a passion for writing. In Wordsworth published a collection of poems with Coleridge, whom he had met, a few years earlier, when he settled in Somerset with his sister Dorothy. He married in and, as time passed, he deserted his former political views and became increasingly acceptable to popular society.

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Indeed, at the time of his death in the spring of , he had become one of the most sought-after poets of his time. Wordsworth shared some of the years at Dove Cottage in Somerset with his friend and poetical contemporary, Coleridge. Coleridge was born in Devon in He was a bright young scholar but never achieved the same prolific output of his fellow Romantic poets. In he left for a position in Malta for three years. On his return he separated from his wife and went to live with the Wordsworths, where he produced a regular periodical. With failing health, he later moved to London. In he went to stay with a doctor and his family. He remained with them until his death in During these latter years, his poetry was abandoned for other forms of writing equally outstanding in their own right.

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Perhaps the most tragic of the Romantic poets was Keats. Keats was born in London in Similar to Wordsworth, both his parents had died by his early teens. He studied as a surgeon, qualifying in However, poetry was his great passion and he decided to devote himself to writing. For much of his adult life Keats was in poor health and fell gravely ill in early He knew he was dying and in the September of that year he left for Rome hoping that the more agreeable climate might ease his suffering. Keats died of consumption in February at the age of twenty-five. It is sad that such tragedy often accompanies those of outstanding artistic genius. We can only wonder at the possible outcome had they all lived to an old age. Perhaps even Byron and Shelley would have mellowed with the years, like Wordsworth. However, the contribution to poetry by all five writers is immeasurable. They introduced the concepts of individualism and imagination, allowing us to explore our own visions of beauty without retribution.

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We are not now required to restrain our thoughts and poetry to that of the socially acceptable. Questions Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage 3?

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Search Menu Abstract This chapter has four sections: 1. General and Prose; 2. The Novel; 3. Poetry; 4. General and Prose Two of the major themes to come out of the works published in in the field of Romantic general and prose writing are those of local, national, and global identities, and questions of selfhood. Two texts also make use of the growing field of Atlantic studies to take a fresh look at travel writing, in the case of Elizabeth A. She argues that the Romantic fascination with the gypsy-figure grows in partnership with other broader cultural and societal changes such as ideas surrounding property, propriety, art, and sympathy. Houghton-Walker situates her subject in relation to the themes of the sublime and English identity.

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She thus sheds new light on the various cultural anxieties represented by the ways in which the gypsy figure was depicted during the Romantic period. Houghton-Walker situates these close readings in a broader context of literary culture, theories of aestheticism, and questions of class and industry. In so doing, she highlights the importance of the gypsy in the rural Romantic landscape as a significant symbol of Romantic-period anxieties and concerns. In his work, Higgins re-examines the connection between the local, the national, and the global, and argues that Romantic localism was outward-looking to the national and the global, and was particularly informed by imperialism and colonialism. Another key publication in which deals with theories of place and space in relation to Romantic-period writing, focusing specifically on colonial travel and slave narratives, is Elizabeth A. Bohls argues that the popularity of travel writing during the Romantic period cannot be understood outside the context of colonial expansion.

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Brief mention should also be made of Jeffrey N. Three key publications in the field of women readers and writers were published in De Ritter explores the place of female readers in British culture between and This structure allows Culley to examine the social networks, exchanges, and friendships between various women during the Romantic period and challenges the traditional view of life-writing as a solitary, private practice.

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The combination of well-known writers such as Mary Wollstonecraft, Helen Maria Williams, and Mary Robinson, and the introduction of less well-known female contributors to late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century life-writing is a particular strength of this book and allows the analysis to move beyond the canon of published autobiographies. Jeffrey W. Carmel Murphy argues that Old Manor House makes use of the tradition of historical writing from the s, which uses history to comment on contemporary political debates. Claire Knowles examines the celebrity culture which grew around female writers as the popular press grew. She examines six poems published by and about Charlotte Smith in The Morning Post in order to analyse the way in which the authorial identity which Smith constructs for herself is challenged by the celebrity image created by the popular press.

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Sessler argues that approaching the responses of Burke, Wollstonecraft, and Paine to the French Revolution using a media theory, rather than by only addressing their genre or textuality, enables us to come to different conclusions about the debate p. Historical writing, they argue, is also an important player in the development of other genres. This volume brings together various essays which provide case studies to show how different types of historical writing changed and adapted across the period in line with societal changes. Its selection of essays is successful in complicating these received narratives about historical writing and its crossover into the fiction and poetry of the period. Schlegel, A. Franzel examines the proliferation of Romantic-era lectures which aimed to be encyclopedic in their scope and subject matter.

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Two texts which deal with the theme of emotions or feeling in the Romantic period in an innovative way are Joel Faflak and Richard C. Romanticism and the Emotions brings together several essays which offer a fascinating insight into the nature of emotion in Romantic literary culture. The remaining texts reviewed in this section are all related to the works of specific political writers: William Cobbett, William Godwin, and William Hazlitt. The book is structured chronologically and draws on previously unattributed materials. The key themes and approaches to come out of criticism in the field of Romantic general and prose writings are largely concerned with different notions of identity: the local, the national, and the global. She also argues for the revision of dates for certain undated letters, as well as the dating of The Watsons manuscript, based on linguistic evidence rather than anecdote.

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Though this is a study in sociolinguistics, it contains plenty of information to attract the literary critic. One of the subjects Mirmohamadi covers is a Canadian online literary community, Wattpad, and its array of Austen-themed fan fiction. In The Hidden Jane Austen , John Wiltshire offers a counterpoint to the current scholarship on celebrity, cults, and fan fiction in his starting point of rereading. This study is elegantly written and presents nuanced and persuasive readings of the novels. It exhibits its own readability and rereadability as well as those of Austen. Part I contains useful information about the different editions of Mansfield Park from its publication date to the present, its critical reception, an account of the three film versions of the novel, and a list of current digital resources, including specialist Austen websites, free sites, and subscription databases.

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The rest of the book consists of four sections. Marie N. The two sections, each on one novel, each begin with an analysis of the novel in question. The second chapter is similarly attentive to irony, this time in relation to courtship pp. The section on Mansfield Park is similarly structured, with two chapters on the novel and four on screen versions. The contexts for engagement with Austen relate to street culture, digitization, and the Austen craze, and the volume also contains a most helpful appendix consisting of the syllabi of the contributors ensuring their good practices can be incorporated and extended.

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Elsewhere, Matthew P. Kathleen E. Eric C. Susan Spencer provides a good account of the new online resource co-devised by Austen scholar Janine Barchas at http:www. The study itself is concise, economical, and has a density of thought that lends it an epigrammatic air at times. Elsewhere, James P. Jonas S. Anna E. There was an interesting collection of essays on Mary Wollstonecraft in Hypatia this year. Alan M.

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More fromBrilliantly Lit Description This vibrant no-prep English Romantics Poetry Unit Study Guide and workbook takes your literature high school students on a romp through 7 of the finest poems ever written in the United Kingdom. The explanations of poems are detailed enough that students can be given this unit as an independent work packet or project posted to Google Classroom. The lay-out and illustrations were designed by a professional artist. A 25 question multiple choice test is included in this unit. The major parts of the resource are separated from each other and zipped so that you can post parts of it on a password protected homework site without having to worry about the answers being included too. For each of the seven poems, the Study Guide includes: The full poem and margin notes, vibrantly illustrated. A brief summary of the main idea of the poem before reading. A summary of the poem after reading. A glossary of any tricky words. An impressive vocabulary word to learn.

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Additional features: A summary of key events of the Romantic period. A summary of characteristics of Romantic poetry. Definitions of literary terms pertaining to the poem. For each of the seven poems, the Workbook includes: Several questions of a variety of types. There is a mix of both analytical and less taxing questions, such as seeking for substantiating quotes. There are a few creative activities, including writing a short poem. Suggested answers are provided.

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